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i am trying to post on why my iCal invites to a client from my iPhone (and a test to myself) did not seem to work so i am hoping posting to the Mountain Lion forum will get me a good suggestion.


i would like to invite Clients to a meeting by sending them an invitation from my iCal event.


can i do this in Mac OS?


i tried posting to iPhone forum with no results yet (https://discussions.apple.com/message/21912026#21912026) and the forum only returned a single result from 2006 on this. also, articles online after googling seemed very weak and not helpful.


is this functionality supposed to work for any recipient if i send it to their email address from my iPhone? will it work if i do this from my laptop?


MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), with 64 bit Win7 Boot Camp | iCloud
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    Howdy hotwheels 22,


    I was looking into our resources and found some information outlining sharing from the Calendars app on the iPhone. It is from the iPhone user guide found here http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/iphone_user_guide.pdf




    Invite others to an event: Tap an event, tap Edit, then tap Invitees to select people from Contacts.





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    hi sterling.


    thanks so much.


    i am not sure if i am missing something or if i am not understanding but i have researched this online a bit and tested.


    can i please ask you if you have tried this? i mean, my test involved to the best of my recollection that i had an event, i tapped edit, i tapped invite others to this even, then i put in two email addresses which autocomplteted themselves to the best of my recollection.


    then i hit OK or something. then i had no other prompt from the OS. i mean, it would be nice for it to say "so and so has been invited to this event".


    then because i did not trust that anything went out i did the same thing with MY GMAIL ADDRESS and i got the same set of circumstances.


    i mean - it would be great to get this working because this is a case where i am not sharing a WHOLE CALENDAR with someone which i think i know how to do.


    anyway, have you or anyone got this to work? it is so important and would be so good to have for business that it is a bit frustrating to not know how it works (or worse think it may be working only to have it not work).


    also, PRESUMABLY these are saved in the OUTBOX of my iCloud account if i am on IMAP??!! i mean, is there some setting i need to verify to make sure that my iCloud account is somehow hooked up to the correct iCloud mail account??


    no offense to apple here but a help line like that is sort of lame. i mean, it beats "To Invite others to an event: invite others to an event" which i have seen very often in my 3D modeling software whose name will remain unknown but it would be nice to have a resource that fleshes this out a bit. or maybe someone from mac has more data on this functionality? it is uber critical for me to get something like this going...