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Help guys. Today my friend gave me an iphone 4 which he got from his uncle. So the problem with this iphone is that the screen is completely black. Iphone also does not respond to touch. But I can see that the phone is on because when I press that silent button, the phone vibrates, and when I connect it to pc, itunes recognises it just as any normal iphone, and it says that the phone currently has 87 % battery left, so I now the black screen is not caused by battery: I dont know if someone dropped the phone and I cant take it to an apple store because there isnt one in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There arent any cracks on the screen and the screen looks brand new, there's not even a single scratch on it. Please help. Tell me what could be wrong with this iphone and tell me how you fixed yours if you have ever had a similar problem. Thank you very much. Cheers PS. I have tried to reset it by holding home and power button, It does reset my iphone, but the screen is still black

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1.3
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    It sounds like you need a new screen/digitizer which is one unit.    Are there any repair shops in your country that repair Apple phones?   Your phone is out of warranty anyway so a 3rd party repair is probably your best option to fix it at this point.

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    There arent any, I'm qualified to attempt the replacement by myself because I know alot about phones, but I dont want to order an new lcd and digitizer off ebay and replace them, and then actualy find out that there is a problem on the motherboard or the connector where the lcd and digitizer connect to the motherboard. So I'm just double checking with you guys out here so I know for sure that my lcd and digitizer are the problem. Thanks anyways mate