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Well I've pretty much decided that I want one, but I'm not a person to make purchases lightly. I have an IPhone 4s already; I love it and use it constantly for everything. That is why I've decided an IPad will be beneficial. I'm a college student and constantly use my phone for email, research, studying, reading, and many other things that would be much easier on a larger screen. I'm not a technology snob, I don't need the newest most expensive option. But I don't want to buy one of the older models and realize it's obsolete a couple months down the road. I have a PC, don't plan on replacing it with the IPad. I feel like I need 32gb, because I will use it frequently and don't want to run out of space. Now is the IPad 2 an outdated option? There is apparently already a 3rd and a 4th gen., with a 5th gen expected to come out this summer. I will mostly be using this for school, I need the internet to be quick enough to have multiple windows open and to be able to navigate between them easily. I will be using it for reading, note-taking, and possibly paper writing. I'm not a huge gamer, but I will download and play a couple during downtime. I will store a movie or two for traveling. I use hbo go, netflix, and hulu. my music is stored on my phone, but I will have Pandora. I only need wifi, no 3g/4g. So for my personal purposes, which IPad do you believe to be my best bet? The ipad 2 has a good price, but no longer offers 32gb, and I'm scared that the newer gens. will hinder its usefulness. Apps made for the newer models, may not be supported by the older technology for much longer, and I want something that will last. This will most likely be a gift and I don't want to ask for something over $500, preferably less than that though.

Thanks for reading all of that, i know it was long!

Look forward to hearing yall's advice

iPad 2
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    I didn't read all that. The answer is: the best and biggest you an afford. Unless you want to wait for the next biggest and best. Which you can happily do for the rest of your life. Whatever you choose will be bettered in six months.

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    I have iPad 2 and iPad 3 and I can tell you that during daily usage there's not a huge difference.

    My iPad 2 has 16 GB. It's to less for me. It's been enough to store some music (around 800 songs, which takes about 6GB) and apps. For movies, if you want them, it's not enough.

    I bought iPad 3 with 64 GB. And this is just perfect! I don't have to care about the space anymore. It's very comfortable. You just can install whatever you want to and sync really a lot of files you need, and you still have lots of free space. For now I have 16,1 GB of free space left. Videos take 6,2 GB (six movies), music - 4,5 GB (811 songs), books in iBooks - 3,5 GB. And other space is taken by apps. A lot of apps.

    If you don't feel the need to install everything you find out to be free, 32 GB should be enough That's about space. And now about the model.

    A difference between iPad 2 and iPad 3 is mostly visible on the screen. The one in iPad 3 is much better, because it's Retina. The difference is quite big. iPad 3 also has better cameras. Much better! If you'd like to take a photo of a note for example (which I do all the time because I usually sleep during lectures and later take photos of someone's notes) with iPad 2 you won't be able to read anything. With iPad 3 everything's clear. But as I said, things like reading things on it, listening to music, writting - they both do a great job.

    iPad 4 is almost the same as iPad 3 and I've been even talking with Apple guys in the store near my home about it. The difference is only inside - I mean things like processor which is faster in iPad 4. But it's almost not noticable.

    Every iPad will be enough to browse the web really fast. Every of them will handle lots of page opened at once.

    I think that you really need those 32 GB. And I would choose iPad 3 or iPad 4 with 32 GB (depending on the price).


    Good luck with your choice


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    I am not a technology snob, I don't need the most cutting edge or the most expensive. I just want something to fit what I need it to do. The only reason I have doubts about getting the IPad 2 is because there is an IPad 5 coming out, and I don't want to purchase something that will soon be obsolete.

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    Thank you so much MilkyMouse! that really helped

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    You're welcome. I'm glad I could help

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    Hang around then and buy the iPad 5. If there will ever be such a thing.  But if so, there will probably be an iPad 6 available shortly after....


    If the current iPad does what you want it to do, buy it. I have so far found no adequate reason to spend money on getting an iPad beyond my iPad 2.

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    If you're looking for something in the ballpark of $500 you could get the Mini with 64GB, it might be a smaller screen, but that's the best storage you'll get at that price point from Apple.

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    iPad mini Vs iPad 4 Vs iPad 2 – A Detailed Comparison



    16GB vs 32GB vs 64GB: Which new iPad storage capacity should you get?



    How much content will fit on my iPod or iPhone?



    To save $, consider a refurbished iPad.


    Buy a Refurbished iPad? The What, When, Why and How



    Has new screen, back and battery.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Personally, and while I own an iPad 2, at this point in time, I wouldn't be buying one anymore. Its unlikely it will get many more updates as it is already over 2 years old.


    I would, if you want to keep costs down, and want the larger screen; go with a refurbished model.


    http://store.apple.com/us/product/FD514LL/A/refurbished-ipad-with-retina-display -wi-fi-32gb-white-4th-generation


    This is about as cheap as you are goint to be able to find the 4th Generation iPad.


    You may be able to find a 3rd Generation iPad cheaper than that and its still a viable alternative.


    The Mini would be a cheaper option also if you don't mind the reduced screen size.



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    I just bought a refurbished iPad 4 (16 Gig - Black) from Apple. With the savings off of the regular price I bought a smart case. Great device. I use the iPad 4 while travelling on short trips where I don't take my Windows 8 laptop. On longer trips, over a week for example, I take both...


    I looked long and hard at the iPad 4, iPad Mini and Nexus 7 and simply decided the iPad 4 with larger display was right for me and my old eyes.