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Wanneer ik Recovery Disk Assistant start verschijnt de volgende melding:


Lion Recovery kan niet worden aangemaakt

De Recovery-schijf op deze computer is beschadigd of niet aanwezig. Voor het aanmaken van een externe Lion Recovery is een werkende Lion Recovery-schijf vereist.


Wie heeft de oplossing voor dit probleem?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 27 inch model
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    Hello Eustace,


    I do have the program already, but it stops with the message that the Recovery disk on this computer is damaged or not present etc. How to solve that for the 10.8.3. Mountain Lion version (Dutch)



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    Have you tried internet recovery?



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    This procedure I already knew. But this is not my question. The question is that the Apple Program does not run on my Mac. I guess that the renewed partitiontable in this new Mac serie is not recognised correctly by the Apple Version 1 Rec.Disk Assistant program so that it is not possible to prepare an external bootable USB-stick with it. That is a big mistake of Apple which I do not appriciate as you can understand I guess. One should not sell products which do not work properly. This problem is already older than 1 year on earlier Macs and Apple did not solve it yet with a good update of the Assistant Program. SHAME!


    The Program only works fine when runned from a prepared external USB-HDD on which the Base-system is installed via the installationprogram Base System Install. The partitiontable on that disk is different from that on the Mac; it shows the existing Recovery partition on it.


      Anyhow, I am looking for a possibility to create an image of a whole, good working system such as Macrium Reflect or Ghost for Windows. So when the system is totally crashed, one can start up that imageprogram from an external USB-HDD with the image of the Mac system on it and write it back to the HDisks of the iMac 27. Such a program should have been a part of the manufactured system by Apple, but now, we don`t have it and we are out after a complete crash of the Harddisks and/or system.


    Thank you