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My problem is related.

When I got a new MBA, I transfered the old mail that I had on an external harddrive, using set up assistant. I'd saved that thanks to Time Machine backup.


On the old computer itself, I still had some mail from the month inbetween the last time machine backup and the moment it crashed.


I tried to enter the messages from the period between last backup and crash, recuperated through Firewire from the crashed computer.

I did it like this: opened Library > Mail >V2 > POPaccount > INbox , and I pasted the firewired messages in there. But when I open Mail, the program doesnt see them.

Inside the Inbox folder, there is also a folder called 1BE1082E-E899-4FC7-AF6D-9AC64D9A0391, which seems to contain all setupped ancient mail as well as the new mail, but not the messages from the short period inbetween.


I have a few different pop-accounts with their respective inboxes, outboxes, drafts, so it concerns a lot of messages.


Is it possible to solve my problems? thank you!

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), mid 2012