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I recorded a voiceover in imovie and want to add it into my idvd theme menu.  Can I do that?

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    Yes, this can be achieved by exporting just the audio from iMovie (but this will export ALL the audio, not just the voiceover). You can also copy the voiceover from the project's package contents folder. I'll explain both methods for you.


    Export the audio only:


    • From iMovie's menu select Share > Export using QuickTime
    • In the panel that opens, for Export choose Sound to AIFF
    • Give the file a name and save location (say, Desktop)
    • The exported file can now be used in iDVD (I'll explain how later)


    Copy the voiceover:


    • In Finder, locate your project in the Movies/iMovie Projects folder. On an internal drive, these are in your Home folder. On an extenal drive they are at the top level of the drive.
    • Right-click (or Control-click) on the project name and select Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu
    • The voiceover recording will be listed in the package contents folder, named Voiceover Recording xx.caf (where xx is the number ascribed to the recording)
    • Copy then Paste the .caf file to your Desktop


    I need to open iDVD to refresh my memory on the layout and naming of items, so will post back shortly on how to use the voiceover in an iDVD theme.



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    John Cogdell Level 5 Level 5 (4,595 points)

    To use the voiceover in iDVD:


    • With your chosen Theme open in the iDVD workspace, from the menu select View > Show Inspector (alternatively, click on the circled i button at the bottom left of the window alongside the + button - OR use the keyboard shortcut Command I).
    • In the Inspector you will see a drop zone box labelled Audio. This box may or may not contain an existing audio clip, depending on the Theme.
    • Drag your voiceover clip onto the audio box. This will replace any existing audio.
    • When adding audio you can adjust the Loop Duration slider if desired. This is handy if you drag, say, a 3 minute song onto the Audio box. Most Themes loop for about 30 seconds. So, to retain this duration and maintain the integrity of the Theme, drag the slider back to its original position, rather than allowing the loop to run for the full 3 minute song (for example).


    Please ask if you need further help with this, or with getting the voiceover out of iMovie (as I explained in my first post).