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I'm not positive this may be the case, but I recently upgraded to 10.6.8 and a couple weeks later I find I'm facing a number of seemingly unrelated issues. The problems typically begin to happen a couple days after restarting the macbook (with several sleep session inbetween), and fixes with each restart/reboot. Troubles faced include (and probably not limited to):


- Brightness (F1-F2), Media (F7-F9), and Volume Keys (F10-F12), as well as the Power On/Off key become completely unresponsive
- Can't open "System's Preferences" (shows it is loading when clicked, but then becomes unresponsive)
- Can't restart/shutdown from the Apple icon from the toolbar (ALSO, unresponsive)
- Misc local documents won't open when selected


I have no idea what's going on, my whole laptop seems to be failing these days. I end up doing a hard reboot each time.


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hey jesuiso,


    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities. Sorry to hear about your issues. Because you are having multiple issues, the next step would be to reinstall 10.6. The following article will guide you through the process.


    Mac OS X 10.6: Reinstalling Mac OS X



    1. Insert the Mac OS X installation disc and double-click the Install Mac OS X icon.
    2. Follow the onscreen instructions. In the pane where you select a disk, select your current Mac OS X disk (in most cases, it will be the only one available).
    3. If you want to control which parts of Mac OS X are installed, click Customize, and then select the parts you want to install.
    4. To start the installation, click Install.



    -Norm G.