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I live in Brazil and access podcasts US network news using my Apple TV 1.  Every morning at 6:00am I watch the NBC evening news from the previous evening. For the past several days the itunes store is not updating the news anymore.  I checked several well known news shows on different networks and they have not been updated since May 7th.  I went to the internet sites of those shows and the networks are all putting their latest programming online, so I know this is an Apple problem.  Does anyone have an idea what the problem is?

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    always saw the when avaible in podcasts in itunes as an eventually rather then some deadline

    at least that is the case with the ones i suscribe to

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    There are a few other posts about this.  I've been having problems with numerous podcasts since the 7th as well.  I haven't found a fix yet, hopefully they fix the problem from their end.

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    Agreed, several channels have not been updated since May 7.