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Good morning All;


Is anyone having trouble with Apps not syncing after install or removing between all devices?


I have an IMac, Two IPhones and Two IPad 2 devices.

I am finding that when I add/delete an app to/from one device that I have to manually go and add/delete them to/from the others.


They used to add/delete from all if added/deledted from one device


Thanks Mark

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    On the iPhones and iPads, open Settings > iTunes Store, and make sure that "Automatic Downloads" are turned on. If not, do it. On the Mac, open iTunes, go to the iTunes menu (on the menu bar) > Preferences > Store, and turn on "Automatic Downloads".


    It only works when installing applications. When you delete an app in a device, it's not deleted in all the devices

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    Thanks Mende.


    Sorry for the late reply ... on business ...


    I checked all of my devices and the settings were on as you listed above.


    Just so I am clear, you are saying that if I install an app, they sync between devices, however if I delete an app I have to delete from each device individually? 


    I have recently installed an app on my IPhone, however it did not sync back to my IMac or other devices either. I deleted it off the IPhone and then installed it on my IMac and it then synced between devices. Something does not seem right with that?


    Any thoughts?


    Thanks Mark