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As the subject implies I'm going to replace my 2008 Mac Pro's power supply (PSU). This swap out looks relatively simple as I'm no stranger to the inside of this machine. Over the years I've added a Bluetooth card, routed the spare SATA ports to a back-plate, added a Superdrive in bay #2, removed said superdrive and put in a multi-drive bracket in it's place, RAM, video card, etc.... So, this particular repair isn't daunting.


However, the one thing that I've seen reference to, that I want to make sure I do properly, is syncing the systems fans. This notion comes from a few reports that I've stumbled onto across the web. Here's one:  "...Do not replace the power supply unless you have the original system installation disks as they contain a program for syncing the fans. If the sync is not done the fans will run wild...." from here.


I do indeed have the original install discs for this Mac Pro. How do I go about invoking this fan syncing software? Is it part of the Hardware Test? There are plenty of guides about this particular repair. Both text and videos but no one gets too deep into this fan sync.


Any input is appreciated.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 6 GB RAM