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    haroonansari72 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i appreciated your solution. I have also bought Samsung phone withoumy will as apple didnt accept the problem boldly and found out excuses all the times

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    Rahim215 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I sent my phone in for repair but, obviously, they said there was no problem when they "diagnosed" my iPhone. It's obviously and issue and idk why they're ignoring it.

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    Sk8Dreams Level 3 Level 3 (855 points)

    Now I'm really disgusted, and have to decide what to do.  Since my replacement phone started acting up about a month ago (refusing to connect from bedroom or kitchen, seeming to be connected, but no traffic - meanwhile, iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2 and iPad mini all fine in same locations), I had finally decided to bite the bullet and restore as new.  If that didn't work, I would go to the Apple store for a second replacement.  I made all the preparations, but also had ordered a new, high end router.  The router arrived, I hooked it up, and the problem is gone.  What ****** me off, is that the phone was fine with my old router for several months, and SHOULD work with any router.  I'm happy with home performance now, so there's no longer a pebble in my shoe, but if I should visit an upstate friend, where there's no cellular, and the phone won't connect to her old router, I'll be out of luck.  I really do not want to go to all the trouble of restoring the &^!@)#@& phone, and now also of having to reinstate the old router to test it.  I would have bet big that the new router would not make a difference.  My current theory is that the wifi chip is faulty, has deteriorated in some way, and now needs the stronger signal from the better router.


    If your phone is under warranty - get it replaced, and hope for an intel chip.

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    Old Macs Level 2 Level 2 (175 points)

    Thing is, I have the one router Apple recommends you use the most, 5th Gen AirPort Extreme.  If this iPhone won't work with Apple's own router, I don't know which one it will work on.


    Every single iPhone I have had, has had an Apple chip.  I wonder if they only used the Intel in the beginning to fill the gap until they could produce more Apple chips.  Hey, at least some people can gloat: "I have an Intel chip in my iPhone!"  Wish I could.


    Also, something I found hilarious, the last 4 of the serial on my 2nd replacement and my 3rd replacement are EXACTLY the same, dispite being manufactured a month apart and both ending up at different stores about 30 miles from each other.


    Also worth noting that my 1st replacement iPhone and my 3rd (current) replacement both asked from me to pick which carrier I wanted to use.  It gave me the option of a national carrier or a local carrier.  Of course I chose the national carrier, Verizon.  First 3 digits of the serial numbers were exactly the same, F17.  Maybe I got lucky and got an unlocked iPhone! (Although all iPhone 5 Verizons come factory unlocked).

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    i just wana know if this disturbing issue will find a soulotion very soon , miss my iphone 4 as i never had any problem connecting

    to internet , really sick of these slack stuff like go to seetings and turn off turn on , come on apple solve your problems , here in kingdoom what so caled mobily ( apple agent ) is really bad and destroying apple image , as they never replace my device and sayed its un replaceable


    come on guys nothing from what you say is working for me




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    Apple isn't going to solve this until iOS 7, which they're scrambling to finish. If its not solved then, THAT'S when they'll start to really hear from the people.

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    This problem is not just effecting the iPhone 5!


    My iPhone 4s has been having the same problem since updating to iOS 6.


    Apple. Get off your lazy ***** and fix this problem. NOW!

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    Soirry to be the bearer of bad news but I've had a trouble ticket open with apple since September of 2012 for this problem!  That is 6 months!!!  They have been mostly unresponsive to fixing it. They claim to be working on it... But after 6 months it doesn't seem to be a priority. I am HORRIBLY disappointed with apple and their speed at fixing such a major problem.

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    Well my 3rd iPhone 5 works but its so random on the strength. My 3GS is way better. However I phone apple about that and explained it connects to wifi but its weaker than my 3GS. They agreed that it not suppose to be weaker but better stronger than 3GS. So after going threw refurbished phone there going to send me a brand new one. They agreed its a hardware issue. My carrier Rogers even told me to tell apple I want a new phone. I would have kept this one if the wifi wasn't so week on range. I just have to send it in a box to ups and once they see its in transit then they will send my new one. This better be better or I'm sorry apple I'm gonna get something else. I do have a slight sliver of faith :) but also I'm trained on seeing the difference between my old iPhone and new. So we will see soon enough. Maybe my 3GS has a super wifi chip cause its strong :p

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    It's completely ridiculous. Apple completely turns a blind eye to its users problems & plights. I don't know why I'm even caring at the moment, because come June I'm paying off my stupid iPhone & switching back to Android.

    My iPhone experience apart from using iMessage has been nothing but a horror story. Also I'm freaking sick of having to replace cracked gorrilla glass.


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    This one topic on this 'confirmed problem' has 288 pages & yet Apple still does not fix the problem. Apple is pathetic.

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    I'm having the same problem on my iphone 5 only if i'm using it on my home wifi router, I tried my ipad, my laptop and my brother's iphone 4 and the all work perfectly fine getting the maximum internet speed. But when using my iphone I got the worst internet speed that anyone can ever get!!! The surprising thing that when i'm using it on other wifi routers it works fine and and getting a good speed on speedtest, however I have a very high speed internet at my home!


    I searched all over the internet with no solution could fix this issue!

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    welcome to the club!

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    With all did respect to apple!!!!!!,this is crazy. Many replies,more views and even a beeeeep sound from

    Apple!!!! I have had many apple products yet and always satisfied with them.Macbook pro,ipad 2,ipad 3,iphone 3G. IP5 with this problem sound like a gameboy!!!! I pay for a phone definitly with capability of providing Wifi. How could they ignore us? They must announce a replacement for all of this before these problems revealed this much.but instead they think we are so fool to forget all about this problem by introducing new IP5S OR IP6.

    Many try to have hope on getting rid of this by new firmware,but guys,be realistic.this is HW case,not SW.

    You know why they dont say anything abt this? Bz many people doesnt use the wifi on far distance from router or use internet by their network on sim cards. If Apple announce this many who havent encountered this case, may find this and they think about being silent till one year garanty would be passed.


    So disappointed with sucha company....