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I'm in Christchurch NZ, with a 100Mbps cable link that tests out consistently on speedtest.net in the high 90Mbps. Having seen other comments on here about entering in my ISPs DNS manually, I have done that, but still downloads are glacially slow. Tried to DL To Kill A Mockingbird the other day and it wanted to take 3 hours before it would even start playing (it is a 2 hr movie!!!).


3rd Gen Apple TV.


It appears to me that the choke point is further upstream - are Apple's servers simply incapable of streaming the data at a reasonable speed? In terms of moving around large chunks of data, I only have this problem with Apple - I'm thinking I get pretty slow downloads of large apps off the iTunes store too. But in contrast if I'm trying to pull down large chunks of data for work, I don't have any problem with slow downloads at all!

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