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I just upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard.  Previously in Safari (with Leopard), when logging in to a website, I entered the first character of my login and, depending on the settings in Keychain, the login/password was autofilled or I was prompted for my Keychain Access password and then it autofilled. This worked great because no one could use my laptop and be able to log in to sensitive websites without my Keychain Access password. And, because I have multiple accounts on some websites, I could choose which login ID to use based on the first character. I don't know if Safari was set to autofill or not, but I suspect not because I never wanted autofill.


After I upgraded to Snow Leopard, Safari would not connect to Keychain at all. I figured out I had to check Safari's autofill User Names and Passwords box in order for it to recognize Keychain. But now it autofills whenever I land on a website login page, even though the Keychain items are set to require my Keychain password. Further, for those websites that have multiple accounts, Safari is autofilling the one that is first listed in Keychain.


What do I need to do for Safari to use Keychain Access without immediately autofilling (like it did with Leopard)?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Safari 5.1.9
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    By default your Keychain is unlocked when you log into your computer.  To control access for each key you must open your Keychain then double click on a key then select the access control tab, then make sure the confirm before allowing access is selected and check the ask for keychain password is checked. 

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    Yes, thank you. I have done that on most of them and it works well.  My frustration is that the autofill in Safari seems to be the only way to engage Keychain.  When I don't select autofill in Safari, I can't engage Keychain at all (without manually opening it and viewing an individual key).  I'd like to be able to activate Keychain selectively as I did in Leopard. 


    For those sites where I have multiple accounts, I have discovered that if I deny the first pop-up from Keychain, I can then delete the autofilled login and enter the first character of the one I want, and the pop-up appears again. It's just frustrating to have to take those extra steps.