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I recently tried to download the Citrix reciever application onto my Macbook pro. The installation was taking an excessive period of time and it was obvious that something had gone wrong in the download because it had taken several hours and was stuck at a certain step. I tried to cancel the installation but it wouldn't allow me. So I force quit the installation and thought that it was shut down, but I was mistaken. The next time I opened my computer the fan was running at an increased rate and was very loud and the computer was heating up. I tried to restart the computer and it said that the program was still trying to download and that the computer could not be shut down until completed. I got frustrated and basically forced a power down by signing out and holding the power button or something of that nature till it shut down. I waited overnight and then powered it back up but nothing had changed and the fan was still running like crazy but it says the program is not trying to install anymore though. I checked the activity level and CPU but nothing is out of ordinary of high. The program is not anywhere on my computer either so I have no idea what is going on and cannot figure out how to stop this fan running like this. It is draining my battery, overheating my computer and is annoying too.


Any help, hints or ideas would be greatly appreciated or I will be forced to visit the apple store for some help I guess.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)