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Is there a way to add a calendar to iCal that is not web/mail based? There used to be. I could have a variety of calendars... personal/work/kids and now after screwing up a sync. I only have calendars that are through my email addresses and I also cannot figure out how to change the default calendar! I just want to put things on my calendar that are specific to the computer and not being added to a yahoo or google calendar!

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    To do that you need to temporarily turn off the synced calendars, make a new local calendar and turn the synced calendars back on.


    From iCal (or in OSX 10.8 Calendar) open Preferences > Accounts and uncheck 'Enable this account' for all the accounts you find there.  Close the Preferences window. Then from the File menu select 'New Calendar" and name it.  Then enable the synced accounts in Preferences > Accounts again.


    I hope this helps.


    Best wishes

    John M

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    Thank you John!

    That did it... part of the problem solved.