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When I type a search into the title bar, it is sometimes redirected to:  <http://searchguide.tds.net/


Any misspelled url is then guessed at.  Any "misspelled" single-word entry is also guessed at.  The url is no longer avalable on the location bar to edit - making it difficult to edit your way to the url that might actually work.  For those of us who are ISP customers of TDS, this is actually done at the server level.  However, I'm now finding it happening when I'm not on a TDS network.  Same thing is happening with Firefox.  It appears that I've made all the proper choices regarding my serch prefs - and they are being usurped.  A TDS tech support flak denies all knowledge of TDS installing redirecting gadgetry on their customers computers. 


In Internet searches, I'm finding rediection stuff related directly to TDS, but it almost all seems to be related to redirection virus infections on Windows boxes. 


Safari Version 5.1.7 (6534.57.2)

OS X 10.6.8

2.66 GHz MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro