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I am attempting to import/copy music from a shared computer.


I can see the music and play the music I want to copy but when I select it and attempt to drag it to my library it does not show the usual + sign to show it can be copied across.


Can anyone direct me in the right direction please.


Thanks in advance


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    ariel s Community Specialists Community Specialists (1,695 points)

    Hi BarryCC,


    If you are not able to import music to your library using the method you describe, I would try it another way:


    iTunes 11 for Mac: Use Home Sharing to import items from another iTunes library


    Import items from other libraries using Home Sharing

    1. Choose a computer on your Home Sharing network from the Library pop-up menu.The library loads and a list of categories appears.
    2. Choose a category (Music, for example).
    3. In the Show menu at the bottom of the iTunes window, choose “Items not in my library.”
    4. Select the items you want to import, and click Import.


    - Ari