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I have just installed a LaCie 6TB thunderbolt drive to my MacBookPro with Mountain Lion, and it goes to sleep when I either click the sleep button or just close the lid of my laptop. But in some cases I get an error when I open the laptop again which says that the drive was not correctly removed and its icon has disappeared from the desktop. It is however still on, with a blue light on. Sometimes, the drive is just fine.

Is there a way to stop this from happening? There is no button for on/off/auto like on the firewire drives on these thunderbolts.

It looks like a serious bug to me, as the information on the drive can be damaged after such an occurrence.

There was a thunderbolt update recently for the mbp, but apparently this didn't help.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Are you able to eject the drive from Disk Utility or from the Finder?













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    Normally, yes. I can remove its desktop icon from the desktop as well. But then the drive stays on, blue light on.

    When the error appears, the drive icon has gone, and I have to restart my MBP.


    I just got an answer from LaCie: they say I should eject the drive. But this keeps the drive powered on, on this also makes the whole sleep procedure of my macbook useless. I'd have to restart my laptop each time to be able to use the drive again and see its icon on my desktop.

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    I think you need to call LaCie about your problem.  Especially, if you are still under warranty w/them.  Something is wrong if the drive is stays on all the time.













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    Yes, I have already contacted them.

    There is something strange in the setup of this disk, which I already wondered about when I installed the drive. But I thought this may be the way the drive works. It came like this, but this may be the cause of the problem, which may be a work around for some software problem these drives have.

    In disk utility I see the drive, well even more than one. And that is probably the problem. I see two 3TB drives as striped RAID set. But I have the drive also in the list in disk utility as one 6TB drive, with the main drive listed as consisting of 2 3 TB slices. Under this, my drive which appears on my desktop is lested as mirrored RAID set.

    I think I should remove those RAID slices. Reformat it or something. I'll ask LaCie about this.

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    Update: I have asked LaCie about this. It appears my settings in Disk Utility are correct. That's the way thunderbolt drives appear in DU. They advised me to eject the drive each time when I want to put the MBP to sleep, and then when the drive is still unmounted after restarting the laptop to use DU to mount the drive again.

    That also leaves the problem of the drive remaining powered on during sleep of the laptop. That's ridiculous.

    That's a serious flaw in the thunderbolt department. I don't know if a software update from Apple could solve this matter. Gee, this is one step forward and two steps back again.

    It would be easier after eject of the drive to unplug the drive and plug it in again when I need to start the laptop up.

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    I am experimenting a bit and reporting on my findings. It seems that when I just close the lid of my MBP the drive remains mounted without any trouble. It is when I click the sleep button that the waking up results in an error about incorrect removal of disk.

    I'll keep everyone posted on this.

    If this is really the case, then it's just a matter of not using the sleep button, but simply closing the lid. If that remains consistent from now on, this would be a good procedure.

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    I am getting similar errors and it is without a doubt related to me updating the Thunderbolt Firmware. I have a Thunderbolt Drobo which I have connected to my Mac mini for close to a year give or take. I could put it into sleep or let it sleep on its own never once giving me an error message. Immediately after the firmware update I started getting a " incorrect disk removal" upon waking from sleep. It seems to happen when I use sleep on the Apple menu or when the machine goes into a deeper hibernate sleep on it's own. Other random things like the drive not appearing on the desktop ocasionally after bootup ( I have to un-plug/re-plug thunderbolt cable for it to re-appear) a or my Apple LED monitor goes during a correct boot forcing me to force quit and reboot the Mac mini.

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    Has anyone had any updates on this matter? I just bought the same 2big 6TB drive, am using it with my brand new rMBP running Mavericks, and am having similar issues with it disappearing, not appearing, requiring unplugging and replugging of the cable, and the like. LaCie support is suggesting that it might need servicing, but based on this thread, it seems like a more widespread problem, and perhaps I should just return the drive to the Apple Store within the two-week window.

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    It's a bug or "Feature" of OS X. Happens to me on a Late 2011 model when I accidentally leave a USB or FW drive connected and put the system, or let the system go, to sleep.


    Nothing you can do about it and returning the drive for another, or another brand, won't help.

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    I've both the 4TB and 8TB 2big LaCie models and I'm not experiencing the problems that have been presented here. If I were you, I would work with LaCie - their techs and customer service are the best (I had to have one of the 2TB drive in the 4TB mechanism replaced - they were spot-on in their diagnosis and remedy).


    Good luck,