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I've got a 20-inch Imac Intel from late 2006. It had been in storage in its box for three years, was working fine before. The first time I fired it up all was good for 15 minutes or so, and then the screen went black/dark/to sleep. It came back on but only for a few minutes. It did seem to make a difference initially when I turned the brightness right down, in that it would last a few minutes longer without going black. However, now the screen goes black almost immediately on start-up. After leaving it for 10 minutes or so, jiggling the mouse brings the screen to life but only for about a second.


I have tried the various restarts - PRAM reset, SMC, etc, also given it a good dust, but nothing makes a difference. A Hardware Test is not going to help because I can't see the screen. The machine itself is still working as I can adjust the volume and so on, but there is clearly something wrong with the display. I read somewhere that it might be an issue with the capacitors? Any help or information much appreciated.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4)