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Dear friends,


Im starting this post in the hope that some kind person can help me understand syncing as I'm having massive problems.  I've got some music on my MacBook Pro and I wish to merge it with some music and radio interviews I currently have on my iPod, however, when I go into my iPod and the music section on my iTunes and click the sync button I get the following message :


Are you sure you want to remove existing music, movies, and TV shows from this iPod and sync with this iTunes library?



Now I clicked on this the last time I tried to sync and I lost all my stored music and radio interviews that I had on my iPod and I dont want this to happen again obviously so please can someone explain to me how I merge the two so that I have all the cuurent songs from my iPod on my Macbook and all my new songs from my Macbook on my iPod alongside my current content on there.  If you could explain it in a clear and easy to understand way as well as I find this sort of thing extremly confusing


Many many thanks in advance


Shaun R

MacBook Pro