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When I start up my MBP or even sometimes randomly, it sounds like the fan or HD  kicks into overdrive.....and it gets really loud. It has been doing this for a while, and I took it into the Apple Store and they didn't do anything.....I finaly decided to check the activity monitor when this occurse and everytime it does, the bash(PID 204/Process Name bash) processs  start running at about 10-12%CPU....if I quit the process, the fan stops and it everything quites down.


Does anyone know why this is happening and/or what I need to do? It gets annoying having to go in and quit the process everytime just to quite down what I think is either the fan or the HD. Does anyone know what could be going on? Not sure if it is hardware issue or software.


I have already tried reseting the PRAM, and issue is still occuring.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    bash is the default Unix shell used when working in the Terminal, HOWEVER, bash can be used to run a shell script in the background (that is to say it does not need to be used with the Terminal).


    If you select the bash process, then click on "Inspect" -> Open FIles and Ports, you should be able to find the name of the script that 'bash' is running.  That may tell you more about what bash is doing.

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    When looking at the process that is running it shoes me:













    I know a little Unix/Linux CLI, but very minimal. So not sure what to make of this. All I know is I the CPU% when checking this was at 11.5%.

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    According to Google this is "Send To Kindle" (stk).  Have you installed Kindle software on your Mac?


    Just Google Search for "stkLaunchAgent.sh" and you will find other references to it taking up CPU on their systems.

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    As a side note, third party software should not install files in /usr/bin/ .

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    Thank you very much for your help. I am in the process of deleting that software, and will see what happens. Will let you know.

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    Mark, thank you for the advice. I guess I missed that when I installed the Sent to Kindle applications. I checked my usr/bin/ dir and just scrolled through scanning the names in there, and looked like that was the only 3rd party software in there.....hopefully. I am removing it from my compter as we speak.