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I have an iPod Classic 120gb and am in the process of transferring my CD's onto it, They all seem to copy fine apart from my Linkin Park CD's they all sound scratched/muffled. Is this a copyright protection problem and can I get around this?

Any help would be appreciated.

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    There are a few CD copy protection schemes that make the discs playable on regular CD players, but produce a corrupted output if ripped into a computer. The last time I bought one I took it straight back to the store for a refund since the product was unfit for purpose. Turing off error correction during ripping might help, otherwise you may need to replace these tracks from another source.



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    Hi TT2, Thanks for your response, I shall try and rip the CD 's again and see what happens. I have had them too long to return them to the shop unfortunately so looks like I may have to purchase again in a different format if it doesn't work.

    Thanks once again.

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