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I recently upgraded with a new Macbook Pro.  It runs IPhoto 11 9.4.2 and used to love to look at the Info for a photo file.  I would click on "more info" and get sie and image path.  It would also have the original file name (usually a number assigned from the sd card), rather than the name I had changed the file to, like "at the beach".


Now I hit Command I and the info panel slides in on the right and I just can't see these things anymore!  It's like the information panel is taken up with "faces" and Places", neither of which I use much. 


Am I missing an option to view this info?  Where did it go?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    actually - I just found out on another thread that perhaps "file path" was never on the information panel anyway.  I wonder if I am confusing it with the info panel I see in iphoto library Manager. 


    And I just hovered my mouse over the "at the beach" file name in the information panel, and discovered the origianal file name showed up.  And if you hover your mouse of the date, you see "taken, modified and and imported".


    Still wish I could see the file path, but now wondering if I ever did in iPhoto.  But hope this reply of my own helps others that may be wondering where some of the stuff went.