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Hello everyone, I'm Luciano from Italy.


I have two question about iAd Producer, and hope this is the right place to put theese.

[Excuse me for my TERRIBLE english..]


I'm biulding apps for smartphones and tablets using iAd Producer.

Since this great software allows to design different layouts for iPhone 3,5" and 4", simply changing the view in the top toolbar,

I thought that the index.html produced exporting (optimized to disk) should adjust itself to the width of the device (iPhone/iPod4th Vs. iPhone5)

but I downloaded my published app from the AppStore and verified that a portion of  the screen of the iPhone5 is empty, so the screen isnt' filled

as excepted and AS SEEN ON SIMULATOR.


The other question is about some advanced actions as take a photo, geolocation, create an event.

Theese object don't work as excepted: when I export my project (always optimized to disk) and try to use the actions,

I get a pop up error "X works only in iAd Sheet" or similar.

Does anyone know a way to solve it? With other object/actions/widget I got no problems at all, but it would be WONDERFUL

to implement any apps with theese tools!


Thanks in advance, and ..again, sorry for my bad english!


iOS 5
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    In section 2.i of the license agreement, you agreed to use iAd Producer and its consituent parts…

    …for the sole purpose of creating the following types of digital content (individually and collectively the “Rich Media Content”):

      (1)          advertisements, for use, display and distribution exclusively via Apple’s iAd advertising network (Apple Network Ads);

      (2)          iTunes LP or iTunes Extras for use, display and distribution exclusively via Apple’s iTunes Store; or

      (3)          iBooks Author Widgets for use, display and distribution exclusively via Apple’s iBookstore;


    So your submission of an application using content generated by iAd Producer violates the license agreement.



    Regarding your question as to why some of the cool actions "works only in iAd Sheet", there's something special in the thing that shows iAds: iTunes and iBooks Author widgets can't do many of those things either.