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Trying backup my iPad and sync with iTune. The message box "you haven't backed up in 5 weeks...." won't go away. I keep pressing okay but nothing happens.

What do I do?

Also for some reason my iMac in App Store has a very old user id for iMovie and iTunes that I had when I first bought my Mac Book Pro in 2009. Because of major problems with Google and other problems I changed my user id. But now when I get updates on certain apps the orginal user id shows up and of course I don't remember what password I used. I have several times changed the user id to my new one in the App acount but still every now and then when I get an update I have to go through the whole again. This time however it wants me to change the password and I am afraid to change the password just for the old user id because it may mess up everything.

Any suggestions.

iPad 2, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)