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Hi Guys, I asked this question in imovie but it may be more suited here.

I am finalising my movie  in imovie 11 (mountain lion 10.8.2)

I have previously added a png document  ok  and I needed to add another document which I edited and the default that came up was rtf, so I saved it in that but it won't drag into iphoto

I used zamzar for the original conversion but it doesn't have the option to save in jepg.

what am I doing wrong ?

Nothing too technical please as I am on a learning curve


Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (123,800 points)

    Preview will convert a pdf to Jpeg. You can prin that rtf to pdf in any print dialogue.

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    Old Toad Level 10 Level 10 (115,680 points)

    For future reference one way to get a file into iPhoto as a jpeg file is the following:


    1 - open the file in any application that will open it.


    2 - type Command+P to start the print process.


    3  - click on the PDF button and select "Save PDF to iPhoto".


    Note:  If you don't have that option go to  Toad's Cellar and download these two files:

    Save PDF to iPhoto 300 DPI.workflow.zip


    Save PDF to iPhoto 200 DPI.workflow.zip

    Save PDF to iPhoto 200 DPI.workflow.zip

    Unzip the files and place in the HD/Library/PDF Services folder and reboot.

    4 - select either of the files above (300 dip is used for photos to be included in a book that will be ordered).


    5 - in the window that comes up enter an album name or select an existing album and hit the Continue button.



    That will create a 200 or 300 dpi jpeg file of the item being printed and import it into iPhoto.