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I have to replace my printer, and the one I would like to get can't handle any OS earlier than 10.5. My old G4 Sawtooth Power Mac desktop currently has OS 10.4. I just read that in order to be able to update it to run 10.5, I would have to have 512 MB of RAM. Is there any way that I can get away with 384 MB, or is the 512 an absolute? I know that I could get more RAM and install it, but the computer is very old, and I have a laptop that I use almost all the time now, so I may want to give the G4 away, one of these days. For all I know, it's on its last legs, anyway.


In short, though RAM is cheap and quite easy to install, I'm not sure that I want to put more into that old computer. I've loved it long and well, but it may make no sense to add anything to it. If I could install a minimal version of OS 10.5 without doing anythng else, I'd be very glad.


Any advice? Any ideas will be appreciated.





G4 Sawtooth, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    512MB is the absolute minimum required for installation; more will likely be required for Mac OS X 10.5 to run comfortably.



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    I've owned a G4 sawtooth long time ago, and as far as I know, Tiger (10.4) is the last OS you can install.


    (at the top of the page: Maximum OS: 10.4.11)

    So it seems that upgrading the OS is not even an option.


    Maybe buying a second hand printer that works on Tiger is an affordable option?

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    Thanks. I guess that when I want to print something, I shall have to put the file on a flash drive and use that on my laptop, which has no problem with my current printer (OS 5 minimum) or the one I plan to get. I had only hoped to use the older printer with the very old G4 Sawtooth, which still works just fine but isn't used much. Looks like it may be time to retire it – or at least, as soon as I don't need it for very old files. I backed it up, so I don't worry about losing anything.





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    Thanks, Niel. As you can see from my reply, below, I'll just have to use workarounds (printing from another printer) until I finally get rid of the Sawtooth. Too bad, because I'm not even sure that it would be of use to a nonprofit. I don't think there still are printers and other peripherals being made that will work with anything older than Tiger (OS 10.5).


    It's good (though disappointing) to have an end to my search. Still hoping that I may still find a way to adapt my HP Deskjet 1000 (J11a) so it will work with the Sawtooth. It is supposed to work only with OS 10.5, but some people have indicated that it may be possible to install a driver that would work. Very doubtful, I'm afraid, and he search for a "cure" could be extremely time consuming.


    Thanks again to both of you who responded to my query.