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It's been a nightmare and a half trying to work with this mac and ipod touch, and i'm this close to throwing both out after taking a hammer to it.


I have whole library of songs on my itunes, and i can't seem to get the library to synch to my ipod touch.


I plug my ipod in, and itunes recongizes the device with my name.

i go to the tab/button >Music
select and check >Synch Music, then choice >Entire Library (i have tried the other choice, >selected playlist etc etc)
scroll down some and click >synch


and here's where it goes stupid

The blue bar for audio NOW SHOWS UP.
It does the Step 1 or 6 synching process really quickly, like seconds
the blue bar disappears, and nothing turns up on my ipod


i can play the audio files in itunes perfectly fine, but moving it from there to my ipod is not connecting.


ITUNES VER 10.6.3    

MAC os x 10.6.8

3rd GEN Ipod Touch ios 5.1.1

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1