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Working on my photo book and after 23 pages can not add extra pages?  help !!

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    Duplicate the book (select and type Command+D (duplicate)) and see if you can add another page to the dup book.  Also Try the following:


    1 - delete the iPhoto preference file, com.apple.iPhoto.plist, that resides in your

         User/Home/Library/ Preferences folder.


    2 - delete iPhoto's cache file, Cache.db, that is located in your

    User/Home/Library/Caches/com.apple.iPhoto folder (Snow Leopard and Earlier).




    or with Lion and Mt. Lion from the User/Library/Containers/com.apple.iPhoto/




    3 - launch iPhoto and try adding another page again.


    NOTE 1: If you're moved your library from its default location in your Home/Pictures folder you will have to point iPhoto to its new location when you next open iPhoto by holding down the Option key when launching iPhoto.  You'll also have to reset the iPhoto's various preferences.


    NOTE 2:  In Lion and Mountain Lion the Library folder is now invisible. To make it permanently visible enter the following in the Terminal application window: chflags nohidden ~/Library and hit the Enter button - 10.7: Un-hide the User Library folder.