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I don't think there's necessarily a fix to this issue, however it is one that has been bugging me quite a lot! I am running a Mac Pro (Early 2008), 2x 3.0Ghz, 8GB, with both a Nvidia GTX 275 and a 8800GT graphics card. I am also running two monitors most of the time.


The issue of this being ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion, whenever I shut the machine down and reboot again, my desktop wallpapers seem to be reset to the 'Aqua Blue' wallpaper. It's a fairly annoying issue given that whenever I try to set the wallpapers back to what they were, it just gets changed back again! I hoped the issue would be resolved in some of the OS X updates however this has not been the case. I also don't think it is attributed to my graphics cards given that I have tried using just one of them at a time and the issue still exists.


Just wanted to know if anybody else has been having this issue (or similar) and if there are any potential fixes to this or if it's just going to be waiting for Apple to fix the issue!

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Early 2008, Dual 3GHz, 8GB, 8800GT