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I have a large NeoOffice text file that I want to convert to Pages. I opened it in TextEdit then pasted it into Pages. Now it's a Pages file. Here's the problem. About once on every page (over 400 pages) a line or paragraph or more is in a much smaller font than the rest. I have the entire doc set at 14 and the normal font and the smaller font both show 14. If I "Select All" and change the font to i.e. 18, everything increaswes in size but what was formerly small is still small, albeit larger than before. And both sizes say they now are 18. It does this no matter what font I choose.

Am I making sense???


Any suggestions?



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    It is possible they are small caps/subscript or simply another font.


    You can force named styles onto selected text by double clicking the Style's name in the Styles Drawer.


    You could also have imported all the text by saving the NeoOffice document in an intermediate format such as txt or rtf and simply opened it in Pages. There was no need to go via TextEdit.