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How can I do this? I currently have my TOC chapters listed as Apples, Oranges, and so on.  But my text chapters begin something like this:







I have "Apples" with header 1, "Oranges" with header 1, etc., so that very nicely in the TOC it is listing my topics as the chapters. However, within the body of the document, 1 appears on one page and "Apples" begins at the top of a new page, separated from "1"; 2 appears one one page and "Oranges" appears at the top of the next page (separated from the "2), and so on.


Because of the way the book is structured, I need to have the chapter numbers on a top line and the chapter topic beneath it. (The book is further subdivided, such as 1.3a, 1.3b, etc.)


What I would like is for the TOC to indicate my chapters as Apples, Oranges, etc., but for the chapter text to begin as indicated above.


How can I do this?  Thanks.