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Found ipod nano 6th gen 16gb graphite in the middle of a road. was little banged up from the clip side and probably been there the full 20 or so hours the battery lasts. this was at night between 15th and 16th of may.


The text was cyrillic so most likely in russian. Most of the memory had been used.


Is there anyway I can get hold of the owner? I know nothing about apple stuff and there are not much clues in the nano, nor do I know how to read russian so...

wasted effort anyhows.


I accedently reset the settings when i tried to turn the language to finnish. (which kinda worked though).

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    Be advised: the Ipod nano has been delivered to police station's lost and found.

    If you have lost an Ipod nano 6th in Finland around the time period mentioned above with Russian

    language enabled, you should go ask about it from the nearest police station to the place the nano was lost.


    happy summers.


    \ signing out.