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Although I am both connected to my wifi at home and I have serive, my new iphone 4s replacement I got today won't let me connect my imessage or facetime with my AppleID even though both the e-mail and the passwords are correct. Any ideas?


Also, when I downloaded all my backup for my apps and everything, my snapchat app won't work now.. I keep getting a pop up that says: "Connect to iTunes to use push notifications. "Snapchat" notificatons may include alerts, sounds, and icon badges"  -- and it won't let me hit OK to close the app or the home button to exit to homescrean so I hav to hit the home button twice and then select another app before I can get back to home.


I have already tried turning the phone on and off, restarting, turing my wifi on and off and so now I'm stuck on what to do to help these issues.

iPhone 4S
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    I know this could be obvious, but did you go into your settings>messages to make sure iMessage is on, the same with Facetime, settings>facetime make sure it is on. 

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    Yes, that's how I've been trying to log in. I go to Settings>messages> (imessage is on) > use AppleID for imessage> try and enter the username and password


    Then, the pop up I get says: Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again.


    I have both wifi and service at this point.


    The same thing happens with facetime, too.