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Since the update to 11.0.3 a whole bunch of my music playlists are now in the audiobook tab even though they are not audiobooks at all.  This in tun messed up my iPhone when I synched and took all the music off of the phone.  Has this happed to others?  Easy fix?


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    I'm a bit confused by your description of the problem, but you could try selecting the tracks that appear incorrectly, then choose "get info" (by right-clicking, or from the "File" menu). Switch to the "options" tab, and change "Audiobook" to "Music".


    If the "audiobook" to "music" option is grayed out, you need to turn off "iTunes Match" (in the "Store" menu), then turn it back on after you're done changing the track options.

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    Weird but over a 1000 audio tracks somehow became audiobooks.  Your info fixed it thanks