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You have helped me tremendously in the past by posting solutions for other people's problems on the Mac. Now I'm hoping you can help me.


My wife built a website for my music on iWeb three years ago. It has sounds bytes of me playing for clients to hear when they they decide to hire me. When ti site was built, mp3 files were dragged in from iWeb along with small thumbnail pictures depicting different types of songs.


On my wife's Mac, and many other (but not all) machinges both Mac and PC, the sounds files play perfectly. On my Mac, under each thumbnail picture is a small question mark in grey.


My research on-line indicates that Quicktime most likely cannot find the music files...but again only on my Mac. I have tried reloading them, but since Apple no longer supports iWeb, there is no Quicktime widget.


I have tried:

changing the mp3 files to mp4.

replacing the "dot" before the file name with both dashes and underlines to no avail.

repairing permissions

deleting Quicktime and Safari .plist


I think I have a user specific problem.


Can you help me out?


best regards,



Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion