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i found an imac m6498 at my grandmas's, its working smooth and great. However, i have these problems:


idont have admin (she doesnt remember the password nor how to remove it)

i dont have the cd repair and backup etc, nor does she

cd drive works well (i need info on how i could reset this so i could use the pc like it was new)

i was thinking of transferring mac os 9 [or leopeord, cuz i  saw a forum that its possible] into a usb ext hard drive and installing it there




the main problem is, i dont have admin. It says "you do not have access privileges"


other questions:


is there a way / combo buttons/commands that i could do to reset, change, redeem the password.


thank you, sorry for the woording, i rushed it. heehhe

imac m6498 2001 series , Mac OS 9.2.x, help me ;(