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I have a curious problem in Keynote.  I was using many shapes, and I wanted to change the colour of one of them.

I selected it, went to the Inspector, and under "Fill" it said "Color Fill" but this had been greyed out. 


How can I fix this? I see no reason why all of a sudden I can't change its colour anymore?


Many thanks!

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    The question is don't trust your eyes.


    Is it a shape or check your inspector is it an Object Placeholder for an image or IS IT A MASKED SHAPE WITH AN IMAGE? That should tell you. Ta.You can change the colour of shapes as normal.  Masked shapes you cannot.


    EVEN more Obvious


    Close your colour inspector


    select your shape again then select your inspector if it is greyed out it is a masked shape/object/image placeholder


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    It was most certainly a shape.

    But I solved the problem, apparently I just had to update my software.


    Thanks though!