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Sorry if this question has been posted here before, I could not find an answer in my search.


A few months ago, I acquired an faulty iPod Video 30GB 5th Generation in black from a friend. It was not coming on. After letting it sit for a while, I got round to restoring it, and managed to get it booting up successfully. However, it prompted me to select a language, so I highlighted English and pushed the Select button. Nothing happened, apart from the iPod making a click noise, to show me that it had registered that I had pressed the button. I tried it again, but the same problem happened.

I pressed the Menu button to go to the menu, and then highlighted the Settings option. Again, when I pressed the Select button, it made a click sound to tell me that it knew I had pressed the button, but did not change to the the settings screen. I then waited, and then the iPod went onto sleep. Upon pressing the Select button, it promptly woke up.

So, currently I have an iPod that recognises that the Select button has been pressed, but if on a menu, refuses to choose that option.

Is there a bug fix that I do not know about that will fix this strange fault?


My iPod if fully up to date (according to iPod Updater 2006-06-28).

I am running 10.4.11 on an iBook G4 (although I also do have a Windows 7 PC, but do not have iTunes installed on it).

iPod Video 5th Generation, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Mac OS X 10.4.11 iBook G4