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OSX 10.8.3

MacBook Air from middle of 2009

RAM 2G, 2.13GHz core duo proc


I know that 2G is on the low-side of memory, but that's how the box was shipped. The box was first shipped with 10.7 and i've upgraded it to latest. I'm running the free memory clean from Fiplab and it's working hard to keep memory usable. So the "wheel of death" is showing quit alot and the cumputer hangs while reclamining is under scan. The box is not a upgradable due to chipset /memory not swappable. Hence, it is what it is. Is there a possibility to change to OSX, so this box can run better? Do not say -"downgrade to 10.7"....or reinstall....i've tried the reinstall but no luck. I've run all cleaing apps, donw the permission scan on drive and all other first and simple stuff. Now i'm stuck.


Maybe it's time to buy a newer one


Thanks for all support in advance; Jonas

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)