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does anyone know how i can let teachers retrieve photos from a supervised iPad to their laptop?

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    IPads that are Supervised with Apple Configurator can only transfer files/photos to the provisioning computer if connected with USB. We ran into the same thing in our school district. If you want to get photos in any other way you will need to go wirelessly.


    We've been using Dropbox to transfer photos from iPads and its been working great. The Dropbox app has a very cool auto-upload process that will automatically upload photos from the iPad Camera Roll to Dropbox. Once you log in to the Dropbox app on the iPad with your account, click on the Photos icon in the lower left corner of the screen (second one from the left). Then select "Enable Camera Upload" and "Only Wi-Fi." The upload process will begin for all existing photos in the Camera Roll. From now on, all future photos taken by the iPad will automatically upload to the Dropbox folder.


    If each student has a Dropbox account, they can "share" their photos folder with the teacher so that when the teacher logs in to his/her account he/she will see all of the students' photos.


    Hope this helps!


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    Thanks for the info, but we still have no luck even connecting the iPad directly to the same Mac that has Configurator installed. we cant get the photos off. have also tried using iPhoto to import the photos but will display nothing.


    policies within our organisation dont allow us to use any dropbox style Cloud solution, so that isnt an option.

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    Well, there is always email.


    let teachers retrieve


    Why not dropbox?  Dropbox does provide encyrption of data transfer.  Security should be good enough for education environment.



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    the solution i am looking for involves teachers doing everything themselves. but in our environment here we have little control over what we can access outside of our network. we are also unable to create a generic type account that has access to email, each email address needs to assigned to an individual.


    as i stated before dropbox is blocked by dept firewall.


    i have had some success with iExplorer but only on the mac that supervised it in the first place.