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    petermac87 Level 5 Level 5 (4,205 points)

    Patrick Forbes wrote:


    I guess you didn't get the underlying message. No, I don't 'moan'. I'm expressing my sadness that products such as Apple's QT are degraded, as more than a few others have been, so as to not live up to their predecessors.

    I don't enjoy having to need the use of third party apps to fulfil the performance of original Apple apps I grew to like and enjoy.

    I was attemting to highlight the degraded performance of an Apple app such that its missing features might possibly be restored, as unlikely as that may be.

    If you feel I'm moaning, I feel for you. Tough. Needing these third party apps to fix original app deficiencies reminds me too much of the daily PC patches I keep needing with that crappy PC I'm stuck with at work.

    Ahh, now I see. So you wish to inform Apple of your personal dissatisfaction with changes in the three to four years that PPC programs have no longer been made. Then you will need to let Apple know, and hope they may make changes to future releases to suit your personal needs. We are all just users here as well so let your feelings be known to Apple here




    Good Luck with that





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    ds store Level 7 Level 7 (30,305 points)

    daily PC patches I keep needing with that crappy PC I'm stuck with at work


    If your doing daily patches, then your doing something very wrong.


    Windows doesn't need daily patches, unless you have a outdated machine and it has to catch up.


    Once (Patch Tuesday) or perhaps twice a month is all, then it's automatic if you just leave the machine on all night and just let the monitor sleep.


    All other stuff is automatically updated, scanned etc., quite nicely in the wee hours as well, including there is a neat one that updates all one's apps. Have to find that one again.

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