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Iphone 4 battery life

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    what about it, we cannot help you with so little information.

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    We're no good at reading minds, but from interpretation of other people posting about battery life...


    It all depends on your carrier, how much you text/surf/call in a day, and whether or not you move around the city or stay in one area.


    Basically, the more you use your phone, the shorter the battery life is.

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    I have 4 iphone 4 in the family , all that been updated to the new 7.04 , one iphone has drain completely down and won't charge now, I guess to much strain on the battery by charing it to much. the other 3 is headed in he same way. Not only having problem with the battery draining , having trouble with the microphone , facetime and many other problem . went to reset all of them through itunes , hoping to reset them back to the factory setting to get out of the IOS 7.04 , and start all over as a new phone, but it keeps the 7.04 update. So that was useless. I have update My New Ipad  and the ipod 4th generation , and there are doing the same problem, so if you all have ipad and ipod , DON,T UPDATE THEM......If they don,t get the problem fix I.m going to put all my apple product on ebay get what I can for them... and buy Samsung product you don't see them have these problem with there phones. I will never buy another apple product again ..... So fix your problem


    Apple you need to look on ebay the Apple product are selling so cheap , and Samsung has pass you in  becoming the number 1 product .

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    I have been a mac enthusiast for a very very long time.....IOS-7 is total garbage...Support has sent me 4 replacement phones and the battery lasts at most 7 hours with NO use.  All settings are off, wi-fi, bluetooth, location services, etc, etc.  and it still will not last.  This is a total POS and should be recalled.  Apple will not allow downgrade to Version 6 nor will they provide support if you do not upgrade to IOS 7.  I was getting 24-36 hours of standby now it is less than 8.  Looking into Android and other phones now.  Apple has killed all iPhones, iPads and customer confidence.  If an fix does not come out soon I will throw all of my mac product into the sea.  iPad, Iphone, MacPro, Mac Book Pro......Jobs is probably turning is his grave.  I can not repeat how much of a POS this new system is.  Apple is destined to loose a lot of customers.


    Customer support is useless, but then again, they are trying to support a really awful product.  Never though that I would leave the apple family but I depend on my phone for Medical work in the hospital as well as my iPad.  Time to start researching Android........GLTA.......Apple has ruined a very good thing.........

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    I was using Blackberry phone for almost 2 years before switching to iPhone 4 in April'13. I ve shifted to Apple family after hearing so much about the quality of Apple product. My iPhone worked well upto Sept-Oct'13 but after updating it to IOS 7 it started giving problem. And on 31st Dec'13 it completely gone down. So i had to switch back to my old Blackberry. Now i am repenting my decision of going for IOS instead of Android. I would have got a nice Android/ Blackberry phone in the same amount for iPhone 4 i.e. Rs. 26500/-. Atleast Apple should have given some warning/ alert before updating non-compatible phones like iPhone 4 or 4s to IOS 7.


    On approaching to Apple service center, they say they will look at the hardware and if required they will replace it with a refurbished set. Have i invested so much for such a trouble just after 8 months and getting a refurbished set.

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    We cab try some tips to save battery

    Here are few tips for that


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    Ever since iOS7.0.6. and still on iOS7.1 both me and my wife had huge battery drain on our iPhone 4S and stand-by was equal to usage time. We finally found the solution to a post of another user on the Dutch Tweakers forum. There seem to be a bug within a certain Dutch coupon app called 'Scoupy' which drained the battery completely although GPS setting was turned of and also 'refresh on background' was off.


    Scoupy said that a fix for their app is send for approval to the App Store. We removed the app and our usage/stand-by time is again as normal (higher stand-by time then usage time) and best of all a 'normal' battery use as it was the case on iOS7.0.4. I hope this could help someone. I'm wondering if the iBeacon changes in iOS7.0.6/7.1 together with a bug in the Scoupy app could be the cause? Maybe this is also with our similar apps you have on your phone.