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Hello everyone,


I know this has been covered millions of times however I have been through pages and pages of solutions and none of the cases replicates mine.


- I have a 7,1 Macbook running OSX Lion.


- I have installed bootcamp (several times).


- Sometimes the install goes fine, and I can install the drivers etc, but then on a reboot 10 minutes later it reaches the blinking cursor and never stops.


- Sometimes I have to re make the bootcamp partition a few times to get the installation CD to get past the blinking cursor.


- I have tried the MBR fixes, using both EasyBCD and the windows recovery CD however once I do get the blinking cursor, it NEVER gets past it (have left over night)


- I have tried resetting the NVRAM and PRAM, and the SMC etc.


- I have run Diskutility on the drive, repaired all permsissions, and very works fine.


- I have used rEFIt to install windows from a USB, same thing happens after reboot.


Please help me out, this just wont go away.




MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)