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  • ozzy2013 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same usage problem with the batery of my new iphone (5)!!

  • petergandy Level 1 (0 points)
    1. Reset all settings
    2. Do a battery calibration
    3. If it doesn’t work/still draining so fast, do this following steps


    Iphone 5 battery fix COMPLETE tips

    1. Make a backup, or
    2. Transfer purchases, to save your apps
    3. Restore from custom ipsw, ios 6.1.2 recommended, or just normal restore in iTunes,
    4. after upgrade/restore OS, or cant upgrade just do this
    5. Reset all settings (this is the most important step) it wouldn’t delete your apps, contact, music, and another data, it just resets settings {FIX ISSUE}
    6. Turn off raise to speak (siri) {MAXIMIZE YOUR BATTERY LIFE}
    7. Re install Microsoft exchange {FIX ISSUE}
    9. Disable push email {MAXIMIZE YOUR BATTERY LIFE}
    10. Fetch email manually {MAXIMIZE YOUR BATTERY LIFE}
    11. Reset your device (hold power and home button simultaneously for 10 sec) it will reboot
    12. Do a battery calibration ( do a very full charge around 2 hrs and let it drain/use it until the phone shut down itself), may better if you repeat this step for 2 or more times, or you can just charge again as much as you want and use it, {MAXIMIZE YOUR BATTERY LIFE}
    13. Hope your battery life is back to normal,
  • bradlmullins007 Level 1 (0 points)

    You can't restore to custom ipsw 6.1.2.  You will have to upgrade to Apple's newest firmware.

  • drsachin Level 1 (10 points)

    The problem is the less mAh. So carry a powerhouse like this -

    Getting soon my iPhone5 and this Sony Power Source from Sony! 7000 mAh.

  • Lwen.him Level 1 (0 points)

    I own an iPhone 5. we have no LTE so its not that. I have tried all the suggested solutions and still the battery drains too quickly. I'm in Afica

  • GadgetsBoy Level 1 (0 points)

    You guys need  to get this:




  • BlueX Level 1 (80 points)

    So I've had my first iPhone 5 for 5 months before the lock button started failing and the battery life on that lasted me somewhere between 4.5 and 5 hours. I've gone through 4 replacement phones since then but now my latest replacement has a battery life upwards of 6 hours with the same usage. Perhaps I was given a battery defective phone from the start but I've noticed a pretty significant difference in battery life here.

  • dmilazzo Level 1 (5 points)

    I've been following this discussion for a while. Most of the people reading this thread are presumably experiencing poor battery performance, either compared to the iPhone 4/4S or compared to other phones, or just general frustration from not being able to go an entire day without recharging.


    Maybe I'm just lucky.....or maybe it's partly because I don't usually spend a ton of time on voice calls (normally less than an hour a day), but I feel like I'm getting pretty decent battery performance from my iPhone 5, pretty close to its stated specs. I'm running iOS 6.1.2, and it appears that many people felt that 6.1.3 really affected their battery life (latest is 6.1.4, which included a speakerphone upgrade), so maybe that's another factor in my favor.


    I think it would be interesting for other people to weigh in with usage stats for their phone, including some basics about their usage habits, iOS version, and general settings (push vs. fetch email, average amount of talk time, etc.)


    On my best days, I get at least 9 hours of usage and about 30 hours of standby time. On days where I spend more than an hour on voice calls and/or use a lot of video, that drops to around 7.5 or 8 hours of usage and around 20-24 hours standby. From what I gather, my experience is a lot better than what some of you are getting. But even on the heaviest days of use, I can't imagine ever having a problem easily making it to bedtime if I started with a full charge that morning. I fetch email every 30 minutes, and I have Location Services turned off for everything except map apps, Safari, Siri, Find My Phone, and Google. I keep push on for things like Facebook. Most of my data usage is via WiFi, so that probably helps some...maybe a lot.


    Curious to hear what other folks are getting....surely I'm not the only one satisfied with my battery life???


    People that are reporting like 3-4 hours of usage....are you running constant video via cellular or spending 4+ hours on voice calls?

  • BlueX Level 1 (80 points)

    My first iPhone 5 I got roughly 3-4.5 hours just by having the screen on doing some web surfing, messaging, and facebook, (no videos or music). Now on my 5th iPhone 5 and the battery here, doing the exact same thing, can last more than 6 hours. This is with LTE on by the way. I have email to manual every 1 hour and turned off everything in iCloud.

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    The heck ? mine was 8 hours :O

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    I've had my Iphone 5 32 GB for 10 months now and at first my battery use to die in 5 hours or 6 max. Now that i've updated to IOS 6.1.4, My battery last up to 30 hours on standy and usage same as dmilazzo 7.5 - 8 hours of usage and thats by using phone, text, watching videos, surfing, taking pictures, twitter, games, but i have everything disabled i.e e mails. I only do manual everything also i always double tap on my home button to exit programmes etc. I always let my battery die out till it turns off no matter what. I recommend upgrading to IOS 6.1.4 for everyone. What i find weird is that 3 weeks ago i was getting usgage of 9 +? Ermmm so i did reset (quick one) going into setting then reset all setting, did it 8 times in a row and it seem to be helping but at the same time i feel like if you reset all settings it just makes it worse or sometimes better? My point is apple products are unreliable sometimes which isnt so good because i use to have an andriod phone before my apple but over all im happy it could of been worse and greatful for that. I'm just waiting for the new iphone 6 not iphone 5S but i heard they might bring out two phones this time. All i know for sure is next year their will be a bigger screen iphone and thats what im after. I guess we all have to be patience and its all about 2014 next year

  • goldfilm Level 1 (0 points)

    Since iPhone 5, once the phone reaches 5% it dies until I plug it. It ***** being on the road with this. With iPhone 4S or older I could easily go to 4, 3, 2 and 1% and still use the phone, check important data or one call before it dies... not with the 5.

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    The batterry of iphone 5 is really *****!!!!!!!

    I just recieved my iphone 5 four days ago, I am apple lover some might said and almost collect all the gadgets so far, never had problem with battery, infact the battery usally was the high points of those products, But battery life of the iphone is really poor comparing to other product , I AM NOT REALLY SATISFIED , apple crews should be really ashamed of this product, all of the setting was of last night such as wifi, push emails and ... Still battery drains very fast with just normal using,

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    Im keeping a track of mine daily.  Results so far say:





    Hopefully I will be able to get some data together and take it to Apple store and get a exchange phone as this one doesnt even last a day,  miles out from the Apple stated specifications!!

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    I'm stil on a dinosaur iphone 4 but had a drastic battery life reduction on ios 6.1.2.  I asked Apple why this was and they said that it was because the latest ios update had 'overloaded' it. Nice way of saying buy a new one.  However I was suspicious that the Facebook app had something to do with this because this was the main thing that had ground to an absolute standstill so I deleted it, and hey presto my battery life has doubled...back to normal.  Even with the app closed it seemed to be affecting it.  I now use Facebook mobile which works at normal speed (and with far fewer adverts). Worth a go on the iphone 5 perhaps?