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I have downloaded the file 'OSXUpdCombo10.8.4.dmg' three times via two different Macs and have found each time that the checksum of the file fails. Here is the warning box that results every time:



OSXUpdCombo10.8.4.dmg 'invalid checksum'.png


I've very recently repaired the volumes on both machines. I don't receive this message from any other .DMG files I have. IOW: There's nothing wrong with my machines, so please don't reply as such. Also, I have already successfully updated to 10.8.4 using the App Store, so please don't remind me to do so. This problem is specific to my requiring the COMBO update in good working order for the future, not the smaller incremental update.


Typically, when this problem occurs, it is real. I expect Apple will correct the problem. But I want to let folks know that this problem is occurring and it requires Apple's attention ASAP. I will attempt to contact Apple by other methods as well.

Mac mini (Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), OS X Server