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Good Morning!!!

I have noticed here and there that some of my contacts are scambled. For example at one time I had let's say John Smith in my address book and I had Marybell Turner. After watching one of Gary's vids on MacMost Now I decided to add the phonetic last name field to a few contacts and Ms Turner was one. I open her contact and there is her name and mobile number with John's mobile number too and his email address. I decided to see what was in John's address card and it is no longer there! All my devices are either iOS or OSX and I have been exclusively on an Apple platform for 5 years. I have an iPhone 4s that syncs contact through iCloud and a 2nd gen iPad that does the same (I think). Both contacts were added after I switched to the Mac platform and there have been no other operating systems syncing with my devices. The only things that I have changed in the last 3 years are: went from an iPhone 3Gs to the current 4s, then to an iPhone 5, then back the the 4s (because of the time sync issue with the 5).


Anyone else seen this??? This is about the 5th contact that has been this way in the last 12-24 months (cannot really remember the first time I saw it).



MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    With the integration of Facebook data as links within the Contacts, sometimes the same person may appear twice, for instance if their FB name is different in some way from the name you have used. 


    Cards can be merged in Cards>'Merge and link selected cards' or Shift+Cmd+|  Maybe you have accidently pushed these keys.


    In any case, I would make an archive file of your existing contacts using File>Export>Contacts Archive before attempting any remedial work.


    Do you have Time Machine backup?

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    I do not have any of the social media features enabled but I guess that does not mean they have not been at some point. I am still pretty new new the Macs and I shy away from any Shft Cmd and Cntrl sequences because I do not know what is what but indeed I may have fat-fingered a key here or there. Funny thing is that these two contacts were added the first and only time I have had a need to call them. I have never even looked at their address cards since entering them over a year ago.


    I do have a time machine backup and I may take a look to see how far back I have to go to find the unaltered cards. Maybe based on that I can figure out what changes were in play.



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    To find your backup of your contacts, hold down the option key while using the Finder Go To Folder command. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook. That will take you to a folder in your user library. Then enter Time Machine with the folder highlighted.

    If you prefer to make your user library permanently visible, use the Terminal command found below.


    You might want to bookmark the command. I had to use it again after I installed 10.8.4. I have also been informed that if you drag the user library to Finder it will remain visible.

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    Couldn't you just open the Contacts app at the offending card, before entering Time Machine.  You could then  go back in time to see if the entry changes?