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In order to get a job I really want, I have to create one build image that works for an entire graphics department. Some parts of that are a bit over my head but I have to figure it out.


My first question regards great appropriate keywords to find this information. I am initially just worried about the potential issues as getting all the software running will be pretty easy. What are some names for creating one image for a whole company that works flawlessly for everyone?


The main info I need is what types of files must be deleted (caches etc) or modified on the test build before creating a master build. They are a graphics company so I'll have to have the basics of accessing the printers, network and scanners built in as well. I'll have to deal with people changing the names of drives etc. They want minimal configuration for the end user.


I don't mind doing the research but I really don't know what to call these tasks in a broader sense.



Thanks in advance Techies.



OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)