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After performing the recent upgrades to OSX and Aperture, when using Aperture I noticed two things: (1) spinning beachball for long periods (varied 10-30 sec) or else (2) no spinning beach ball but the computer seemed to "lock up" (varied 10-30 sec) and would not respond to ANY input, inside or outside of Aperture. This happened when doing simple things like advancing to the next image while reviewing jpegs, even in preview mode, or when simply assigning star ratings to an image. It didn't seem to matter what mode, it occured in Browser mode and Full Screen.


I also noticed that just after these events "cleared" that system monitor would show over 100% of CPU% for Aperture.


My system is a 2013 Retina Mac Book Pro with a 2.7 GHz Intel Core I7, and 16GB of RAM (10GB Free), and a 500 GB Hard Drive with 377 GB of free space. I was only running Mail, Aperture and Spam Sieve and System Monitor.


I did not experience this behavior prior to the recent updates and I use Aperture a lot, often 4-5 times a week.


I quit Aperture and re-started it with CMD-OPTION then I ran the repair permissions option. Upon re-opening Aperture the behaivor described above was gone and it has not reappeared with subsequent uses of Aperture.