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After upgrading to Snow Leopard, 10.6.8 unable to color manage printing. Printing was fine on Canon PixmaPro9000 before upgrade. I understand this is a problem with this version but I have tried all links and suggestions from google search and no change. All prints have magenta cast..understand there is a conflict with double managing with SL, but have not found a work around. Since I am new to this software upgrade I was hopng that someone had figured out the solution by now. Any suggestions? I'm using Photoshop CS4.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    If you change the Color Management setting in the Photoshop print dialog to let the printer manage the colour, do you still get the magenta cast?


    And are you getting it with text or images as well?

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    Using the printerto  manage color is worse, still magenta cast, or gray/browns. We've tried all the different settings withing Photoshop Color Setting, we've tried all the different combinations within the printer window dialogue, all either have a magenta cast or red cast...we've tried different combinations with photo papers...what is interesting is with no change in any settings if we use plain copier paper with the medium selected for Plain Paper the colors are truer but because of paper quality the image is not good enough. I'm thinking it may be something within settings for paper and ink. But since I am not techically savy enough to understand all of the color management settings we've relied just on the internal settings and only had to change the medium paper quality to get good images. Once I upgradedto Snow Leopard  it appears I have to be more sophisticated in color management. At a loss. What we're going to try now is change out all the inks to fresh Canon inks, and recalibrate monitor (which I did before but maybe needs again) and try and match a Pantone Color Guide to set monitor, and experiment with paper combos...if that doesn't work quess I have to bring in some tech help....we're designers and graphic artists so havng a hard copy for clients is crucial. Thank you for any help.